Finding Purpose

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What leads you to get out of bed every morning? Is it to check the latest social media post and inhale other’s “best life” feeds? Or is it your kids and family or career goals you are trying to attain? Or better yet, are you seeking that next high or party life experience that you’ve been chasing now for years? What drives you each day, and where is your energy moving you? We’ve all been led to some extent by these aspects of life to feel a sense of meaning in life. Is there anything necessarily wrong with any of them, maybe or maybe not? The critical question lies in if they are leading you towards your purpose.

This question about purpose is one we continue to hear about now more than ever before. Self-made gurus all over social media are constantly talking and sharing about how purpose is the highest goal. According to many gurus, any type of success in life is futile if not driven by purpose. Leading only to the question, what exactly does purpose mean?

Google describes purpose in the following:

“So what does it mean to have purpose? The dictionary tells us purpose is the reason something exists, an intended end; aim; or goal. Purpose creates meaning, offers a sense of direction, and helps guide our paths, behavior, and our goals when applied to our lives.”

I don’t know about you, but reading and research can do wonders for an individual trying to figure out how to navigate life daily, which I believe includes all of us, right? By simply reading the definition in google and breaking it down into the most important words or phrases, I think we can all understand purpose a lot better. Parts of the description like exists, intended end or goal, creates meaning, sense of direction, behavior, and goals can better make our pursuit for purpose way easier to achieve, wouldn’t you say?

Hence, if your family, friends, possessions, career goals, etc., you assume are your purpose, I suggest you pivot that belief for a deeper look into the meaning of purpose. We can exist, have plans, create, behave, set goals and seek a sense of direction in any of these areas of our life. However, the driving force of energy that leads us to live purposefully in any of these areas of our lives must be on higher ground. You see, any of these areas mentioned are all temporal and subject to let us down, and imperfections, like we all are. For that reason, our purpose must be something that is not tangible, but rather something that is within you and you can keep inside you at all times no matter what is going on in the external. A purpose should be the constant driving force guiding you towards becoming a better version of yourself despite the exterior. And although our kids, family, careers, and other outward things can have that effect on us, in the end, they can’t do it 24/7.

Therefore, the question needs to be, why do you do what you do? Why do you want to be a better husband or wife, parent, or version of yourself? What is the reason for your existence in all these areas and more?

Finding purpose is not easy. Many may mistake purpose with the outer world when in reality, it has everything to do with your inner world. The simple truth of knowing that nothing in the physical world will go with you once you die should be enough evidence to lead you towards that conclusion. For that reason, our purpose must be that internal passion that lights you up with inspiration, hope, strength, endurance, courage, and many other positive reactions that, no matter what, you will not stop making progress. The by-product of your purpose will be that the external things in your life will be blessed by you, like your family, friends, community, career, etc. However, your purpose must never leave you, and for that reason, you are your purpose.

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When I say you are your purpose, I don’t mean that in an egotistical or selfish manner whatsoever. Yet, how can we as individuals be of any use to the external world if our inner world is not sustained? Finding our purpose is finding the meaning within you for everything around you. Your purpose is a constant and not a variable. You are the reason, and you are the constant. You can be more, and you can do more, you can become more, you are the purpose. Stop looking outside of you to find purpose and meaning. And start looking within you, and then you will begin to see how much more those things in the external world benefit from you.

Nothing is more potent than being detached from the external world trying to lead us away from ourselves, our purpose. Fight for yourself regardless of where you may find yourself today and move inwardly to find yourself, your purpose. You are the reason you should get up every single day, and you are the reason for your why. Commit to yourself, and by doing so, your purpose will grow within you. Leading you to impact others, and that, in the end, is all any of us can genuinely leave behind.




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