Don’t Surrender

Embracing the Journey of Persistence

Julio Salvador Hernandez-Saca


Photo by Gregory Fullard on Unsplash

Nelson Mandela once stated, “I never lose. I either win or learn,” a profound sentiment worth reflecting on amidst our paths. How many of us wish to reclaim moments to apply Mandela’s wisdom in our lives? I certainly do.

Throughout life, we encounter advice akin to Mandela’s, urging us to persist, rise after a fall, and never give up. Yet, despite this counsel, how often have we relinquished our aspirations, only to revisit them years later?

It’s common to harbor dreams and goals, but equally common to abandon them when trials or failures dampen our spirits. We retreat to our routines — work, bills, family — nothing inherently wrong, yet diverging from the exceptional one percent who’ve etched incredible legacies on Earth.

These remarkable individuals, despite obligations and setbacks, pursued their dreams relentlessly. Their stories unveil a shared trait: resilience in the face of adversity.

Lately, I’ve delved into personal growth, uncovering a recurring theme among achievers. Amidst life’s ebb and flow, they never surrendered. They viewed failure not as a defeat but as a lesson. Discipline fortified their characters, propelling them toward greatness — reminiscent of figures like Kobe Bryant, MLK, Henry Ford, Oprah Winfrey, and many more.

So, I pose this question: Are we fundamentally different from these luminaries? We share humanity’s equality and the potential to cultivate their characteristics, yet something obstructs our fulfillment. Could it be as simple as embracing the childhood adage of never giving up?

Mandela’s life echoes this truth, as does each of ours at some point, though we often conform to societal norms, dampening our voices and stifling our potential. But it’s never too late to rekindle that flame within.

In our era, resources abound for pursuing dreams swiftly, yet distractions and procrastination proliferate just as rapidly. Technology, a double-edged sword, enables progress while ensnaring us in trivialities.

Our struggle to pursue dreams may not solely stem from premature surrender or distractions. Perhaps it’s our failure to comprehend the relentless effort and discipline demanded for greatness…



Julio Salvador Hernandez-Saca

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