Never Give Up

Can you continue to rise?

Julio Salvador Hernandez-Saca
5 min readJul 10, 2022


The great Nelson Mandela said, “I never lose. I either win or learn.” Take a few moments and reflect on your journey. How many of us would love to take back some of our past time to bring Nelson Mandela’s words into action? I know I would be the first to raise my hand today.

Throughout life, we all have heard similar wisdom as Mandela’s in some way, telling us never to give up. Always try your best, rise when we fall, and so on. Yet, how many times did we decide to give up only to find ourselves years later trying again at whatever it is we had failed at before?

It’s not unusual for anyone to have dreams, aspirations, desires, or goals, but it’s also not uncommon that we quickly give up when a storm or failure hinders our faith or progress.

Soon after, we go back to our everyday life, which includes work, paying the bills, and spending time with our loved ones. Is anything wrong with this? No. However, suppose we begin to take a closer look at the one percent of human beings that have come and gone in life to achieve some of the most incredible imaginations, inventions, visions, and purposes. In that case, we will quickly learn that they had jobs, bills to pay, and a family to spend time with, but despite it all and their many failures and setbacks, they persisted in their inner desire for their calling or dream.

What then could we say about these superhuman potential men and women who, despite all odds, were able to leave their mark on the earth for the good of all humanity? Could there be a “Secret” to reaching the one percent?

Recently more than ever, I have been pushing my horizons to go through a period in my own life where I am immersing myself in the ideas of personal growth and development. I can only speak for myself when I say that the more I engross myself in personal growth via books, videos, courses, etc., the more I realize that the people who have gone to achieve their dreams and higher callings are all saying the same thing.

Every person’s story has had its share of ups and downs, but the common denominator in all their stories is that they never gave up.

Like Nelson Mandela, many folks I’ve been learning more about lately don’t associate failure or mistakes with…



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